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What is the round up for charity option?

If you choose, we will round up your final invoice to the nearest dollar. 100% of that small change will be put into a fund that will be donated to the charity of our team's choice this year. We are favoring heavily towards the North Texas Foodbank. Help us help our community by rounding up your invoice for charity. We thank you for your kindness.

Secondary Bathroom

Home Shoot Preparation Tips

3D VS 360 Tours

360 tours are simplified 3D tours. They are alike in creation but the final product is quite different. Where as a 360 tour is a room-to-room virtual tour, 3D tours are a step-by-step virtual tour. For more information, contact us. Or stay tuned, we have a big blog post about virtual tours coming soon.

what enhancements are included?

CSP doesn’t believe in charging for enhancements, so when necessary, we will turn your gray skies blue and your brown grass green… this is all in addition to the basic HDR edits that make your windows have a true view, and your walls and floors have the correct coloration.

Before After

Free Twilight Image?

Yes! The feeling a home has bathed in sunset tones is very attractive to buyers, and we offer a free twilight to our clients as a way of saying thank you for their continued trust in the consistently, superior photography CSP produces. 

what are detail shots?

Some homes have little touches that get lost in the expansive composition of typical real estate photos. Detail shots zero in on those little touches. Our photographers change their lens to get a more portrait-like feel. Whether it’s decor, unique design, or building materials… show off your property’s stylish side!

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From listings to photography fun facts, the CSP blog will have something interesting for everyone!

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